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Designed for you to get fit from the comfort of your home.
  • FitRider App​- access via phone, tablet or computer
  • Coaches - online support with our FitRider fitness mentors
  • Fit in 3 months - designed to gradually get you to the fitness level required
  • Easy to Follow - videos loaded into your days
  • Additional Workouts - easily log additional workouts outside or inside the gym
  • Nutritional Log - keep a nutritional log
  • 25,000 - add up to 25,000 food items
  • Progress - automatically monitors your progress and displays it on your dashboard
  • Weight Loss* - Easy to follow weight loss nutritional program.
*Weight Loss Nutritional Program is an additional cost to the program and customized to each persons goals. With our Easy to Follow and Use program results are just around the corner. There are systems to meet everyone's budget and needs.
What riders are saying...
I  would recommend this to anyone that wants to improve their fitness to ride and for their everyday life. My next ride was a lot easier despite being longer in length and time, I felt less fatigued, made less errors and really enjoyed it.

- Stuart B., United Kingdom
Every few weeks, my program gets a little tougher and I know I will receive the direct but friendly email reminding me that I have missed too many days or in other words, kicks my butt back into action.  

- Kellee I., Toronto Canada
Fit Riders has built a bridge between my passion of riding motorcycles and the value of exercise!

- Sean K., Vancouver B.C. Canada
The Plus program keeps me accountable to my FitRider Fitness Coach in all aspects of my training plan, my strength workouts, flexibility and nutrition planning and implementation. Not only have the FitRiders Plus workouts been instrumental in preparing me for my upcoming adventure but I am enjoying the additional benefit of feeling stronger in my day to day activities and work!

- Kristin W,  Hinton Alberta Canada

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